In 2006, ABC7Chicago’s Janet Davies with produced a 26-minute introduction with Hosea Sanders, “Rediscovering a Black Pioneer’s Dream.” Many informed Pike Countians, descendants, and scholars tell the story.

Aaron Chambers of the Rockford Register Star presented a terrific 2007 video-recorded and multi-media presentation entitled “New Philadelphia: A Town Like No Other.” We are seeking a new link from the publisher as the one below is bad.  Please check back.

View the Presentation

We used to be able to share the New Philadelphia episode of the Time Team America series, filmed in 2008 and broadcast by PBS in early 2009.  Now it’s not available in the US.  If things change we’ll post it again.

Please watch the great 2009 episode of the WILL-TV (PBS) “Prairie Fire” program about New Philadelphia, which includes interviews with Abdul Alkalimat (Gerald McWorter), Sandra McWorter, Adeola Adegbola, Chris Valvano, Paul Shackel, and Emily Helton, among others.

Here’s a 2013 video-recording of Ms. Charlotte King, a researcher and director of the New Philadelphia Association, testifying at a Congressional hearing in support of federal legislation for the National Park Service to develop the New Philadelphia National Landmark site as a unit within the NPS.