Reports and Journals

Several journal articles address the history of New Philadelphia and its founder, including:

New Philadelphia: Racism, Community, and the Illinois Frontier, edited by Christopher C. Fennell, Terrance J. Martin, and Paul A. Shackel, specially edited thematic issue of the Historical Archaeology journal, Vol. 44, No. 1 (Jan. 2010), including:

Foreword: An Engaged Archaeology for Our Mutual Benefit: The Case of New Philadelphia,
by Anna S. Agbe-Davies

Introduction: Remembering New Philadelphia,
by Paul A. Shackel

New Philadelphia Pedestrian Survey: Phase I Investigations at an Historic Town Site,
by Joy Beasley and Tom Gwaltney

Geophysical Detection of Features and Community Plan at New Philadelphia, Illinois,
by Michael L. Hargrave

Identity and Collective Action in a Multi-Racial Community,
by Paul A. Shackel

Agriculture and Regionalism at New Philadelphia,
by Claire Fuller Martin and Terrance J. Martin

Courtly, Careful, Thrifty: Subsistence and Regional Origin at New Philadelphia,
by Terrance J. Martin and Claire Fuller Martin

Voices of New Philadelphia: Memories and Stories of the People and Place,
by Carrie A. Christman

Education and Gender in New Philadelphia,
by Emily Helton

Separated by Death and Color: The African American Cemetery of New Philadelphia, Illinois,
by Charlotte King

Damaging Detours: Routes, Racism, and New Philadelphia,
by Christopher C. Fennell

Comment: Conditions of Subject and Object,
by Abdul Alkalimat (Gerald McWorter).

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