Burdick House

Land deed records date the Burdick family’s long association with New Philadelphia to at least 1846, when Spaulding Burdick purchased property in the town from Frank McWorter. Burdick is recorded in the1850 federal census as a 63 year old shoemaker born in Rhode Island.

Property records also indicate that Spaulding’s descendant, Virgil Burdick, purchased Lots 3, 4, 5 and 6 on Block 19 in 1921 and built a home on Lots 3 and 4.   In his 1992 account, New Philadelphia: Where I Lived, Virgil’s son, Larry, recalled growing up in a new house constructed in 1941 to replace the family’s original dwelling on the property: “The original part of the house stood on limestone rocks for a foundation. In the winter the wind sifted between the rocks chilled the floors enough to make your teeth chatter.” The Burdick family retained possession of the property until 2005 when the New Philadelphia Association purchased the land and house and renovated the dwelling, which is now sometimes used for New Philadelphia Association meetings and gatherings.