New Philadelphia Kiosk Celebrates Historic Family’s Legacy with Unveiling of Commemorative Sign

The New Philadelphia Association is delighted to announce newest sign pays tribute to a family whose roots in the community stretch back to the 1840s. Descendants gathered on Saturday afternoon to join the New Philadelphia Association in dedicating the sign, which shines a spotlight on the heritage of Spaulding and Ann Hadsell Burdick, Abel and Marion Horton Burdick, and the Burdick House.

The dedication event brought together community members, and the Burdick family’s descendants, fostering a sense of unity and pride in the town’s heritage. The New Philadelphia Association extends its gratitude to all those who attended and supported this meaningful celebration.

As an organization committed to preserving and promoting the historical significance of New Philadelphia, the New Philadelphia Association continues to undertake initiatives that showcase the town’s unique history and cultural heritage. The unveiling of the Burdick family sign is just one of the many endeavors undertaken by the association to honor the past and inspire a bright future.

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