New Philadelphia Association Begins Transition to National Park

The New Philadelphia Association (NPA) is pleased to announce that progress has been made in the planning process to transition the historic site to a national park. Board members of the NPA are set to hold another crucial meeting this week with representatives from the National Park Service (NPS) to further advance the efforts of this momentous undertaking. “I’m pleased with where we’re at,” NPA President Phil Bradshaw said. “I’m hoping we’ll have it turned over to them within a year, maybe a little less.”

New Philadelphia, the first town founded and legally registered by an African American in the United States, holds immense historical significance. Its story is one of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of freedom, making it a cherished part of American history. The efforts to establish it as a national park will ensure that its heritage is preserved for generations to come.

The NPA has been diligently working to facilitate a smooth transition and ensure that New Philadelphia’s story receives recognition on a national level. The collaboration with the National Park Service has been marked by dedication, cooperation, and a shared commitment to preserving this invaluable piece of American history.

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