April 2021—Media, museums, educational publishers tell the story of New Philadelphia

We are thrilled that the story of Frank McWorter and New Philadelphia is reaching more people, all over, and of all ages.  It’s time to recap and offer everyone a view of this:

  • Chicago Tribune ran a full page story by Christine Ledbetter  pdf
  • History Museum on the Square (Quincy) is assembling a permanent exhibit museum website
  • Illinois College in Jacksonville, led by student Emily Pursley and the Khalaf Al Habtoor Archives, hosted and videorecorded a talk by Gerald and Kate McWorter  video
  • Illinois Humanities/Activate History provided support for New Philadelphia’s Likes Lectures taking place in June 2021   website
  • Illinois State Museum arranged for genealogist and seamstress Mary Helen Yokem to design and sew a dress based on that of Lucy McWorter in her only known photo, as part of their exhibit Fashioning Illinois  video
  • McGraw Hill Education is writing a new elementary school social studies text that includes a history module on New Philadelphia and a civics module on why New Philadelphia should be a national park  content
  • National Park Service/Hour History Lessons developed a brief history module on New Philadelphia based on a longer one written some years ago by archaeologist and NPA board member Charlotte King  teaching module
  • National Public Radio interviewed Gerald McWorter (photo above left) about his family’s and the town’s achievements  audio interview
  • The Paper in Barry continued its print coverage of New Philadelphia for northern Pike County
  • Peoria Riverfront Museum opened an exhibit “Community: African American Freedom, Perseverance & Leadership During Migration” devoted to four African American stories including New Philadelphia  exhibit information
  • Pike County Express continued to publish history stories looking at new aspects of New Philadelphia by local historian and NPA board member Carol McCartney, plus they are celebrating Pike’s 200th birthday with the window display below!
  • Pike Press continued its print coverage of New Philadelphia for Pike County
  • Quincy Herald-Whig devoted most of a front page to Congress moving to make New Philadelphia a National Park site, featuring NPA president Phil Bradshaw (photo above right) who testified on the legislation  pdf
  • WGN Radio 720 (Chicago) interviewed Gerald McWorter on Frank McWorter, New Philadelphia, and McWorters in Chicago  audio interview

Pike County Express is celebrating the county’s bicentennial with this window display at their offices on the square in Pittsfield.